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Traffickers can disguise themselves in the following areas – be on the lookout and if you spot it, report it!

Let’s focus on a few areas where traffickers are going to try to catch you!

Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Friends


  • Boyfriend (Girlfriend) – a boy you meet that “loves” you, cares about you, give you gifts (e.g. Cell phone & data or airtime) and once you trust them completely… or after they’ve given you a few “gifts” they start to ask for things in return…
  • Boyfriend – an older “attractive” boy that suddenly makes you his world. You trust them so much that you would go anywhere with them… and they may have only recruited you in order to sell you
  • A boyfriend or friend may record you doing stuff… and then use it to blackmail you to do more
  • Friends – many kids are “recruited” by other friends. They will pretend to be your friend, gain your trust and then suggest that you do things that will make you uncomfortable… or they will get you to meet another friend of theirs that are older (who may be a trafficker)


  • Be very careful when you get a boyfriend, especially of he is older
  • A difficult one – make sure an adult gets to meet him BEFORE you go out with him
  • When you meet somewhere (mall) don’t go alone, take friends with you
  • Don’t go anywhere alone
  • If anyone gifts you something, they CANNOT expect you to give anything back
  • You do not have to do anything you are uncomfortable with
  • Friends – don’t put your life on the line to be part of the “in” / popular group.
  • Friends – Do not just do anything to prove yourself. Don’t do DARES!!!!
  • Friends – Bullying… WOW, a sad mean reality. If anyone is bullying you, tell someone. The bullies might just bully you enough to get you to do something stupid



  • Traffickers are “surfing” the internet, social media, chat rooms & games to meet innocent victims. They will start chatting with you, ask questions, build trust… get you to trust them for them to lure you
  • They will tell you how much they care about you and that they will be able to give you a better life. They will try to convince you to meet them secretly or to run away. They may even get you not to trust your parents, that your parents do not love you… technically “Badmouth” your parents
  • They may ask for personal information – address, school, parents’ names, etc.
  • They may ask you for intimate photos – Start Sexting. Remember, once it is out, you can NEVER delete it.
  • Blog – be careful what you share with others. They may use it to get to know you and when you then meet, it will seem that he/she understands you… a trick


  • Do not meet them alone if you want to meet… take your parent or guardian or other friends with you
  • DO NOT POST personal information or photos. Once you send a photo, you will never get it back. If the receiver does not use it, someone else may find it and post it.
  • DO NOT even send a photo to be “cool”! It is not “COOL”!!!!
  • Apps – traffickers use “chat rooms” on games to connect with potential victims
  • Apps – some apps pinpoint your location, making it easy for smart traffickers to find you
  • Apps – some games “dare” you to do things (e.g. do something illegal; take photos; kill yourself & maybe record it). You NEVER win! There is no Prize at the end of the game. Just pain & embarrassment.


Going out...


  • Traffickers know that your parents often drop you off at malls and that they are not there to protect you, making you easy prey to kidnap
  • They will often use young attractive older kids (Romeo) to pursue you and charm you. They are there as scouts, looking for easy victims whom they can snatch or lure
  • Malls often have isolated areas that are poorly lit & have little security. Traffickers will often try to abduct you from such areas
  • At a social event (e.g. Party) someone might try to drug your drink


  • Never be alone
  • If you meet someone new, introduce them to your parent/s
  • Your parents must always know where you are
  • Avoid dark / secluded / quiet areas
  • Do not trust strangers, no matter how attractive or charming they are
  • Never wait outside the mall for transportation. If you have to wait outside, do not wait alone
  • If anything / anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, call security
  • Watch your drinks
  • Do not go to the bathrooms alone
  • Keep your cell phone ALWAYS CHARGED & with AIRTIME. Also have speed dial on your phone


Unfortunately sometimes traffickers can be adults we trust

Parent, guardian, pastor, leader, elder, teacher, family member, family friend, neighbour and more…

  • Just because they are an adult (parent, community leader, pastor, etc.) does not mean you have to agree to do things you are uncomfortable with
  • If anyone wants to use you, tell someone
  • You have the right to say NO!


You are offered an opportunity to better your life; to become rich & famous (model / sport star); offered an opportunity to make quick money…


  • Check out all modelling / sport / talent contracts
  • Ask what is expected of you before you agree to anything
  • Never go alone to an interview
  • Do not allow anyone to take intimate pictures of you
  • Ask an adult to check out the opportunity
  • There are companies that check out job opportunities (e.g. PREVENTION VS CURE). Ask them to investigate the opportunity for you
  • Do not give out your personal information

TRANSPORT (incl. Uber, Lifts, Taxis, Bus)

There have been incidents where drivers have recruited victims for traffickers or were traffickers themselves.

This does not mean that all drivers are traffickers! Just don’t trust everyone and never be the last one on the bus/taxi as they may drive you to an isolated place from where you can be abducted.


  • Don’t climb into the car of a stranger, no matter what they promise
  • Make sure your parent has all the details of a UBER driver they hired
  • If possible, have your parents put a “tracker” on your phone so that they can track your whereabouts
  • Try not to be the last one on the bus/taxi
  • Take a photo of the taxi/bus you are boarding and send it to someone you trust
  • STAY ALERT - If you feel uncomfortable, remove yourself from the circumstances
  • Keep your cell phone ALWAYS CHARGED & with AIRTIME. Also have speed dial on your phone


  • You can say NO!
  • You do not HAVE to do anything that makes you uncomfortable
  • Just because you know them does not make it right
  • Don’t keep secrets! Tell someone